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IoT Healthcare Market

IoT HealthcareDescription

The global Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare market is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period 2017 to 2025. In the IoT Healthcare market report, the market is segmented based on component, technology, application, and region. The internet of things (IoT) has widespread applications in healthcare domain. Smart sensors, medical device integration along with remote monitoring are some the prime applications of IoT. The application of IoT in healthcare is one of the major revolutionary steps towards healthcare treatment through remote patient monitoring and simplifying access to real-time patient data than conventional paper-based techniques. The impending demand and growing consciousness towards better diagnostics and targeted therapeutic tools are acting as a driving factor for the market globally.

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Market Drivers

1- Rising demand for advanced solutions for easy monitoring.
2- Use of IoT solutions also reduces the overall operational cost.
3- Growing concern for data security and patient monitoring in a proficient way

Market Segmentation

1- In terms of component, the market has been segmented as system and software, services and hardware.
2- In terms of technology, the market has been segmented into Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, zigbee, near field communication (NFC), cellular and others.
3- In terms of application, the market has been divided into clinical operations and workflow management, telemedicine, inpatient monitoring, connected imaging, medication management and others.
4- The geographical segmentation for the global IoT healthcare market includes North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Latin America.

Leading Players

Honeywell Life Care Solutions (The U.S.),
Koninklijke Philips N.V. (The Netherlands),
Medtronic PLC (Ireland),
Cisco Systems, Inc. (The U.S.),
GE Healthcare (The U.K.),
Stanley Healthcare (The U.S.),
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) (The U.S.),

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Internet of Things (IoT) Leaders: ARM, Broadcom, Cisco, Freescale, Google, Intel, McAfee, Oracle, PTC, Qualcomm, Samsung

The telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving to a world in which objects (devices, equipment, and other assets) are autonomously communicating, transacting, signaling, etc.  Arguably this so-called Internet of Things (IoT) market will overtake human communications rapidly as there are vastly more objects in the world than humans, they can communicate much faster, much more frequently, and for many more reasons than humans.

This report provides an evaluation of leading companies and associated solutions within IoT marketplace.  Companies included in this study include ARM, Broadcom, Cisco, Freescale, Google, Intel, McAfee, Oracle, PTC, Qualcomm, Samsung, SAP, TE Connectivity, and Texas Instruments.  The report also analyzes the IoT ecosystem including critical functions and potential company M&A targets.


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Key Findings:

  • Companies providing the fundamental building blocks and support infrastructure for IoT are positioned to capitalize the most in the early days of IoT.    This group of companies consists of component (hardware, software, and middleware) as well as support solutions (security, privacy, interoperability, and controls).
  • There will be many companies/solutions that will emerge in the years 2014 – 2020, which are prior to a large inflection point for IoT, and also represent the formative years for the IoT ecosystem to develop functionality necessary to sustain itself and for sufficient market verticals to adopt automated business practices and related service offerings. 
  • We see consolidation occurring, both early and late, within the IoT lifecycle and ecosystem.  Some of the early players fulfilling critical roles such as Identity Management, will be acquired by much bigger companies very early in the introduction stage. 
  • The IoT mediation capability is key to the sustainable growth of IoT services as it provides critical functions such as privacy, security, access control, preference control, and more.

Report Benefits:

  • Identify leading IoT companies and their strategies
  • Identify critical needs and solutions such as IoT mediation
  • Learn why the companies/solutions evaluated are IoT leaders
  • Understand why other companies are not included and their future
  • Identify potential acquisition targets such as IoT identity management companies
  • See how leading companies are positioning themselves within the IoT ecosystem

Target Audience:

  • Semiconductor companies
  • Embedded systems companies
  • Application developers and aggregators
  • Managed service and middleware companies
  • Wireless network operators and service providers
  • Data management and predictive analysis companies
  • Sensor, presence, location, and detection solution providers
  • Internet identity management, privacy, and security companies
  • M2M, Internet of Things (IoT), and general telecommunications companies
  • Wireless infrastructure (cellular, WiMAX, WiFi, RFID/NFC, and Beacon) providers
  • Investors in IoT and/or M2M technologies, infrastructure, solutions, apps and services


Companies in Report: 

  • ARM
  • Broadcom
  • Cisco
  • Freescale
  • Google
  • Intel
  • McAfee
  • Oracle
  • PTC
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung
  • SAP
  • TE Connectivity
  • Texas Instruments
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