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My journey from pregnancy to motherhood

Let me start narrating my journey from the very beginning when I just came to know that very soon I was going to be a mommy. I was super excited and, at the same time super nervous. Lots of things started creeping in my belly apart from the biological ones of course. I was thrilled and I was overjoyed at my first experience of “Mommyhood” but at the same time I was pretty scared thinking about the whole pregnancy thing. Although I very well knew that I was very well prepared for welcoming a new life in my family but I was not so sure about how I was going to overcome this journey of finally becoming a mother and hold my little baby in my hands. One thing which irritated me the most was that all my known elders (and even seniors in the stage of motherhood) were always ready with a thousand odd uninvited suggestions at hand. Don’t do this….don’t do that…..don’t….don’t…..don’t!!!! Apart from this, people staring at you, the daily morning sickness, the constant fear of your baby’s well being, improper sleep and things that bring discomfort in your daily schedule.

Mom n baby

Mom n baby

But my journey would remain incomplete if I don’t share the unimaginable feeling of becoming a mother of the most beautiful baby girl in the world. That feeling truly can’t be expressed in words. It was just amazing. That beautiful moment made me realize that all the pain and discomfort one goes through during pregnancy is worth it. All the things I hated about pregnancy like the mood swings, the fear, the nervousness, my fat belly, the stretch marks, morning sickness, the terribly fitting clothes, and many such things just vanish away and have no importance the moment you hold your baby in your hands. That time I felt that every second of my journey of motherhood was worth the end. My own experience will make me say that it’s the best feeling in the world. So, trust me all you ladies just don’t fear of being pregnant because you just can’t imagine the happiness you are going to experience the moment you touch and hold your baby. Just take care of yourself and your health and enjoy your motherhood. Great feelings when being a mother first time. My hubby also having best experience whiles my pregnancy stage.

Womens Health Diagnostic Testing Centre


Yet another alternative to test breast cancer

Quest Diagnosis, a medical testing company, announced recently of developing a new genetic test to  diagnose breast cancer. The test has been named as BRC Advantage.

While reading this news, my mind took me into my childhood memories. I was 8 when my loving grandmother passed away. She died at a very early age of 50 as she was late in diagnosing her breast cancer. If she was a little more aware about the various breast cancer tests available, she might have lived longer.

Womens Health

Womens Health

The new test developed is capable of identifying BRCA1 (BReast CAncer gene one) and BRCA2 (BReast CAncer gene two), genes responsible for normal growth and functioning of the breast cells. But any kinds of abnormalities (mutations) in these cells can lead to an increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer.

Earlier a company, Myriad Genetics had a patent on these two BRCA genes which gave the company an exclusive holding on testing any mutations in these genes.

But a recent US Supreme Court ruling has invalidated this patent thus making the two BRCA genes available to other companies for developing their own tests. Breast Cancer Therapies Markets

And why not? A naturally occurring gene is a nature’s product and not a mere patent. And very  soon the Supreme Court’s decision seems to be showing results with Quest Diagnosis coming with its first such test called BRC Advantage. The test is currently available in 49 US states and more than 2100 service centers. Quest Diagnosis hopes to increase the availability of these tests at high risking populations.

Reading about this new breast cancer test, questions still keep pouring in my mind that even after enough number of tests available, are we women actually aware about them?

Staying fit at 45

Fitness over 40 is a matter of growing concern among most women turning 40 or nearing the menopausal age. In the mid-40s, women experience some physical and emotional changes as a result of the many hormonal changes taking place; thus causing an end to body’s reproductive capability. There are also common complaints of problems like uncomfortable knee, back ache, or hip and joint pain.

women health

women health

Before undergoing any fitness program, it is always considered beneficial to consult a doctor to know about the most suitable program according to the needs of your body. Be firm but not strict about a fitness regime. Reduce the risks of stress and thereby getting ill, and improve overall health with a consistent and well-designed fitness program.

Increasing physical fitness will result in strengthening of muscles to support joints and reduce arthritis pain and other aches. Another common and simple way to improve upon one’s health is including enough raw fruits and vegetables in her diet, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water as well as to lessen the daily consumption of white flour and sugar.

Lack of physical exercise also halts the body’s natural decline in mid forties posing a greater risk of conditions like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems, stroke and cancer related problems.

Among women, mid-40s is a crucial point in life and a time when muscle mass begins to decrease and fat begins building up. It is a time when aging process begins to speed up. During this critical time, if we neglect our exercise routine then it cause severe health hazards.

Walking is one of the simplest and the best forms of exercise, which should not be neglected and necessarily put into a woman’s daily routine. Fitness over 40, Hormonal changes in a woman’s body during the mid-40s age can also cause reduced bone strength but if you are staying fit, this can be easily encountered.

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