Morocco Oral Care Market

Oral care increased in current value by 11% in 2016 as volume sales rose by 9% over the course of the year. However, consumers are showing greater interest in products which offer whitening features as any Moroccans are increasingly keen on having a shiny smile because of the growing advertising of the importance of havingContinue reading “Morocco Oral Care Market”

Deodorants in Morocco:Key Trends and Developments

Deodorant sprays remained the most popular deodorants category in Morocco in 2016 and this is mainly because deodorant sprays are the most convenient deodorants as well as being particularly easy to use. Many brands present in the category offer very innovative aerosol spray products, including Unilever Maghreb SA with its brands Axe and Dove, whichContinue reading “Deodorants in Morocco:Key Trends and Developments”

Pet Products in Romania:Key Trends and Developments

No major shifts are likely to take place in 2017, with pet products enjoying organic development in line with other pet categories: a focus on convenience, premiumisation and a return to natural. The only possible exception is the fast growth of internet retailing, which is likely to impact consumer behaviour for pet products in theContinue reading “Pet Products in Romania:Key Trends and Developments”