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Staying fit at 45

Fitness over 40 is a matter of growing concern among most women turning 40 or nearing the menopausal age. In the mid-40s, women experience some physical and emotional changes as a result of the many hormonal changes taking place; thus causing an end to body’s reproductive capability. There are also common complaints of problems like uncomfortable knee, back ache, or hip and joint pain.

women health

women health

Before undergoing any fitness program, it is always considered beneficial to consult a doctor to know about the most suitable program according to the needs of your body. Be firm but not strict about a fitness regime. Reduce the risks of stress and thereby getting ill, and improve overall health with a consistent and well-designed fitness program.

Increasing physical fitness will result in strengthening of muscles to support joints and reduce arthritis pain and other aches. Another common and simple way to improve upon one’s health is including enough raw fruits and vegetables in her diet, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water as well as to lessen the daily consumption of white flour and sugar.

Lack of physical exercise also halts the body’s natural decline in mid forties posing a greater risk of conditions like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems, stroke and cancer related problems.

Among women, mid-40s is a crucial point in life and a time when muscle mass begins to decrease and fat begins building up. It is a time when aging process begins to speed up. During this critical time, if we neglect our exercise routine then it cause severe health hazards.

Walking is one of the simplest and the best forms of exercise, which should not be neglected and necessarily put into a woman’s daily routine. Fitness over 40, Hormonal changes in a woman’s body during the mid-40s age can also cause reduced bone strength but if you are staying fit, this can be easily encountered.


Influential Women in India: the list is unending

Even being equal in terms of population with men in India, women in India still lag behind in terms of facilities provided to them in terms of education, health care, jobs, etc and they have to strive hard to get that. But the picture seems to be changing with women now liberating themselves from irrational traditions and superstitions and getting equally educated as men so that they can also stand on a par with men and even above them.

The women in India are creating their mark everywhere both in professional and public sphere. You name any sector from media & entertainment to business to politics to philanthropy, women and their skills are effective in every sphere. Along with playing her role as an efficient homemaker as well as showcasing her talents outside home, Indian women have proved that they are no less than men.

If we start quoting examples of the influential women in India who prove to be efficient role models as well, the list will be unending. Beginning from Saina Nehwal, the world’s number 5 badminton player, who has been influential in changing the attitude of many towards sports and motivated thousands of young girls to make a career in sports by winning many laurels including the Khel Ratna award.

Kiran Majaumdar Shaw, Chairman and MD of Biocon, was declared as India’s richest women in the year 2004. She started her company with a meagre amount of just Rs. 10,000 and with her efforts made it Asia’s largest biopharma company.

In banking and bourses sectors also, women like Chitra Rama Krishna (MD of National Stock Exchange) or Chanda Kocher (CEO of ICICI bank) have shown incredible dedication to their work and become the top notches in their respective fields.

In terms of earning money also, women are no less. Kareena Kapoor Khan, the most sought after face in Bollywood, is the highest paid female celebrity in the Indian film industry with annual earnings of more than 70 crores in year 2012 via box office and endorsements. As like Anjali Kalan also built on the premise that reading is valuable, capable of stirring emotions and firing the imagination. Whether you’re looking for new market research report product trends or competitive industry analysis of a new or existing market, Aarkstore Market Research Pvt Ltd has the best resource offerings and the expertise to make sure you get the right product every time.

The list of women playing their role doesn’t just end to making money. There are many others like Sudha Murthy, Nita Ambani, Medha Patkar who are making them recognised because of their philanthropic contributions to the Indian society.

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