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The Industry Policy Handbook – 2015

Research Report titled “The Industry Policy Handbook – 2015”. This report is first of its kind which covers all the policies related to Energy and Infrastructure fields from the post-independence era.

The report resents an in-depth analysis of the different policies across different sectors including power, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy market, telecommunications, ports and highways, railways, housing and urban development in India. The report also provides various acts which have been passed by the government in this sector. In addition to this it also provides Energy and infrastructure policy outlook.

Highlights of the Report:

  • Core Functions and overview of different sectors in energy and infrastructure domain.
  • Policies and Acts in various sectors covered.
  • Detailed coverage of every aspect of the policies in various sectors.
  • Inter dependencies of the different sectors.
  • Identify key growth factors and investment opportunities in India energy and infrastructure sector.
  • Create strategies based on the latest regulatory events.

• Facilitate in making decisions based on the latest upcoming.

Research Report available with | Published By Boodle Consulting Private Limited

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