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China’s Wind Power Capacity will treble by 2025

China’s installed wind capacity will treble from 115.6 GW in 2014 to an estimated 347.2 GW by 2025; global growth will begin to level off with annual installations peaking at 56.8 GW in 2022. There will be sustainable future growth in India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan, as APAC wind installations are forecast to increase, accounting for approximately 45.5% of the global total. Wind installations will also gain momentum in South and Central America, with countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico adding up to 45.6 GW. The Middle East and Africa region, which is presently at a nascent stage of wind development, will be the other significant contributor to capacity additions.

Wind Power Market, Update 2015 report provides data covering historic and forecast market size, average capital cost, levelized cost of electricity, installed capacity and generation globally, regionally and in the key countries.

The report includes:

  • Key growth drivers and challenges related to the global wind power market
  • Average turbine sizes for onshore and offshore installations from 2006–2020 by region and for key countries
  • Market shares of the major turbine manufacturers in 2014 for key countries and at a global level
  • Capital cost and market size data at key country and global level

Are you aware of the top active and upcoming wind power plants in your country?

Report Available :   |  Published by GlobalData


Mexico’s bidding Round Remains Competitive despite Delays and Uncertainties

Mexico Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report

The first bid round, which began on 11th Dec 2014 by offering 14 shallow-water exploration blocks, is scheduled to offer additional areas, including unconventional and deepwater opportunities, in 2015. However, no indication has been given on the expected levels of biddable profit oil in the shallow-water production sharing contract. With the drop in international crude oil prices, the government has been forced to deviate from its original schedule, which may lead to further delays. Despite these uncertainties, the competitiveness of bidding on the shallow-water exploration blocks remains unaffected, as the adjustment of royalties to prevailing prices and profit shares to profitability mean that it should remain possible for investors to achieve attractive rates of return.

Mexico Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report provides details of the new contractual frameworks introduced under Mexico’s energy reforms, defining factors affecting profitability and quantifying the state’s take from hydrocarbon production.

The report allows you to:

  • Evaluate political, economic and industry-specific variables and analyse future trends
  • Understand the complex regulations and contractual requirements applicable to Mexico
  • Identify potential regulatory issues facing investors in the country’s upstream sector

Gauge the political, economic and industry-specific variables and analyse future trends for the country’s upstream oil and gas investment climate.

Report Available with | Publisher : GlobalData

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