FB_IMG_1437045288596A workoholic since a very young age, Mrs. Anjali R. Kalan started her promising career through online internet marketing. After graduating from the college, she worked as an SEO Expert and Internet Marketing Manager. After a few years, she went abroad to Harrow, London (UK), where she completed her MSc in Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) from Guildhall College in Nelson Street, London. After completing her course, she continued to work in London for a few more months. She returned to India and resumed working in India where she was considered the best among her collegues in Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing. For almost a decade, she received several accolades in her career for the work she performed through online marketing and was voted the Employee of the Year for a running 3 years.

Now settled in Mumbai, she lives with her husband, Mr. Rushikesh Kalan and her Aarush Kalan in a joint family. She has reached a milestone in her career by becoming the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in her company Aarkstore Enterprise (http://www.aarkstore.com), which she cofounded in 2008 along with her husband Mr. Rushikesh Kalan, who is the Director of the company. Aarkstore basically is a market research resource for online reports pertaining company profiles, country reports, magazines, conference promotions, etc. Aarkstore also specializes in various sectors in the current market like Automotive, Banking & Finance, Energy, Food & Beverages, Textiles, etc. Aarkstore comprises of various departments like Sales, Marketing and SEO Team, who constantly work on the developing new research technologies present in the current market industry. Along with Aarkstore, she also owns Aarkwebsolutions as her partner companies. She holds a dignified Certificate Course Diploma in Export Management (Export Trade and Training Institute). She also has been Recognized by Indian Merchant’s Chamber Mumbai.


Export Management, Marketing, Market Analysis, Market Research

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