DAZN The Netflix Of Sport?


Aarkstore Market Research culminates the newest Market Research Report “DAZN The Netflix Of Sport?

A unique service for distributing sport programming, available only in streaming, DAZN is the brainchild of its founder, Leonard Blavatnik, the world’s 48th wealthiest person.
This IDATE DigiWorld report describes the company’s organisation, and details its business in the eight countries where it currently provides services.
The company is then examined within the context of its (highly) competitive environment, namely the acquisition and exploitation of premium sport rights.
Its model and economic performance are then analysed. To become a profitable venture, DAZN will apparently need to increase it subscriber numbers dramatically, if it hopes to be the Netflix of sport one day.

  1. DAZN: the company
    1.1. The company
    1.2. Expansion of the DAZN footprint
    1.2.1. DAZN began in Europe’s German-speaking countries
    1.2.2. DAZN has seized opportunities in Japan and in Canada…
    1.2.3. … and in European sports-mad countries, Spain and Italy
    1.2.4. A must for sport: the United States and Brazil
    1.3. The platform’s features

    2. Economic performance
    2.1. The competitive environment
    2.2. DAZN’s main rights compared to the competition
    2.3. Business model
    2.4. Economic performance

    3. Company strategy
    3.1. Target footprint of 20 countries in 2022
    3.2. The Netflix of sport?

    List of tables and figures

    • DAZN parent company, Access Industries
    • New organisation around the DAZN brand
    • DAZN’s global footprint
    • DAZN Germany, sharing Champions League matches with Sky
    • DAZN Japan, major sports on the platform
    • DAZN Canada, complete NFL access
    • DAZN Italy, agreement with Sky
    • DAZN Spain, secondary rights
    • DAZN USA, agreement with Matchroom Boxing
    • DAZN Brazil, pre-launch on YouTube
    • DAZN ‘MultiView’ allows viewers to watch four programmes at once
    • DAZN-compatible smart devices
    • DAZN’s main rights compared to the competition, by country

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