Q4 2018 Global Ammonia Capacity And Capital Expenditure Outlook

global ammonia

Aarkstore Enterprise announced latest Market Research Report Titled “Q4 2018 Global Ammonia Capacity And Capital Expenditure Outlook

Global ammonia capacity is expected to experience considerable growth over the next nine years from around 230 mtpa in 2017 to more than 280 mtpa by 2026. Around 100 planned and announced ammonia plants are expected to come online, primarily in Asia and the Middle East over the next nine years. Dangote Group, Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd, and Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd are the top three companies by planned capacity additions globally over the next nine years.


Global ammonia capacity outlook by region
Ammonia planned and announced plants details
Global ammonia capacity by feedstock
Capacity share of the major ammonia producers globally
Global ammonia capital expenditure outlook by region

Reasons to buy

Understand key trends in the global ammonia industry
Understand regional ammonia supply scenario
Identify opportunities in the global ammonia industry with the help of upcoming plants and capital expenditure outlook
Understand the current and future competitive scenario

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