United States Fitness Equipment Market Research, Industry Trends, Estimation, Forecast 2016 2024

Fitness Equipment

Aarkstore Enterprise announced latest Market Research Report Titled “United States Fitness Equipment Market

United States Fitness Equipment Market was valued at $3,589 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $4,377 million in 2024, having a CAGR of 2.5% during the forecast period of 2017-2024.In 2016, the cardiovascular segment held the largest share of fitness equipment market in United States.

Fitness Equipment is used for physical exercises to manage overall weight, improve physical stamina, and develop muscular strength. The most commonly used cardiovascular equipment are treadmills, elliptical and stationary bike. They stimulate the heart rate, help in burning excess body fat and maintain the overall health and fitness. Strength training equipment is used to gain muscular strength and improve one’s appearance and personality.

Market Dynamics

A growing number of health and fitness clubs has been witnessed in recent years, due to rising awareness regarding health and fitness, increasing obesity and government initiatives to promote health, which has led to significant growth of the fitness equipment market. Moreover, high consumption of fast food and sedentary lifestyle are other prominent factors complementing the demand for fitness or exercise equipment. However, high cost of fitness equipment is the key restraining factor for the market. High demand for used fitness equipment, as products are highly durable and can withstand long-term usage, would restrain the demand for new products. Improved lifestyle and increased disposable income of individuals in the United States offer immense growth opportunities for the market players.

Market Segmentation

The United States fitness equipment market is segmented on the basis of Type and End User. By Type, the market is further segmented into Cardiovascular Training Equipment, Strength Training Equipment and Other Equipment. Cardiovascular equipment held the largest share accounting for around 3/5th of the market in 2016. On the basis of End User, the market is segmented into Home Consumer, Health Clubs/Gyms, and Other Commercial Users, such as Hotels, Corporate Offices, Hospitals & Medical Centers and Public Institutions.

The major vendors in the United States fitness equipment market are Amer Sports Corporation, TRUE Fitness, Cybex International Inc., Impulse (Qingdao) Health Tech Ltd. Co., Brunswick Corporation, Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd., Fitness EM LLC., Icon Health & Fitness Inc., Torque Fitness LLC., Nautilus Inc.

United States Fitness Equipment Market Segmentation

By Type
• Cardiovascular Training Equipment
o Treadmills
o Elliptical
o Stationary bike
o Rowing machine
o Others

• Strength Training Equipment
• Other Equipment

By End User
• Home Consumer
• Health Clubs/Gyms
• Other Commercial Users
o Hotels
o Corporate Offices
o Hospitals & Medical Centers
o Public Institutions (Schools, Universities, and others)

Key Market Players

• Amer Sports Corporation
• Nautilus Inc.
• Brunswick Corporation
• Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd.
• TRUE Fitness
• Cybex International, Inc.
• Impulse (Qingdao) Health Tech Ltd. Co.
• ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.
• Torque Fitness LLC.
• Fitness EM LLC.

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