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Oman Projects

Aarkstore Enterprise announced latest Market Research Report Titled “Global Advertising Industry Profile & Value Chain Analysis


Oman is embarked on an investment drive that is creating a diversified, private-sector driven economy, and establishing the country as a major tourism destination and a strategic logistic hub for the region.

Oman’s transformation offers substantial project opportunities for investors, contractors and consultants in the construction, oil & gas, power, water, wastewater and transport & logistics sectors.

It is also creating exciting private sector investment opportunities in the tourism, healthcare, utilities and education sectors as it seeks to transfer the delivery of its public service to private sector operators.

Spending levels could remain relatively high as Oman has over $126bn worth of total pipeline of un-awarded projects.

Packed full of expert insight on the opportunities and challenges, the report provides exclusive forecast for project spending across all core sectors.

Although Oman has long been a stable projects market, the next few years could see the market grow substantially as it seeks to diversify its economy further.

Written by MEED, the Middle East market experts within the GlobalData Group, this report is a must-have resource for any company interested in accessing this growing and increasingly diverse market. Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the Oman projects market through this in-depth examination.

Reasons to buy

– Breakdown and analysis of upcoming project opportunities in Oman
– Key data on current and future size of each sector
– Proprietary client and contractor rankings
– Details on upcoming projects and schedules
– Key opportunities, challenges and much more.

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