Future opportunities in the biobetter space

BiobettersStrategies for success in the biobetter market

How can you successfully position biobetter products in the increasingly crowded branded biologic/biosimilar space?
With the prospect of improving patient adherence, meeting unmet clinical need and increasing revenues, investment in the biobetter pipeline has grown rapidly. Yet biobetter products need to bring some serious clinical and cost saving advantages if they are to get stakeholder support and make a return on investment. Success depends on navigating an undefined regulatory pathway, avoiding IP minefields and ultimately persuading stakeholders that the benefits are worth the cost.

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Report Overview
In The Future of Biobetters, senior industry experts from leading pharma companies and organisations identify the challenges facing this emerging sector and provide practical and actionable insights for achieving commercial success.

Report Features
Unique insights from US and EU experts in companies such as Takeda, Eisai and MedImmune
Table showing the technologies that can be applied in biobetter development
Graph illustrating EU5+US sales of key biologics scheduled to lose patent protection in 2015-2020
Chart demonstrating how biobetter development requires more analytical capabilities versus originator biologic development
Case Study: Developing a biobetter before an originators patent expiry: lessons from Roche
Case Study: Pulling potential biobetters out of the freezer: Takeda Oncology using advanced technology to reinvigorate a failed biologic projects

Key Benefits

Identify the advantages of biobetters, the value they present, and their competitive position in the branded biologic/biosimilar market
Examine how biobetters can meet unmet clinical need and improve patient outcomes
Understand the current regulatory situation and how this is impacting biobetter development
Investigate potential intellectual property issues that may challenge the sector
Critically appraise biobetter pricing and identify factors that will deliver optimum returns

Expert Views
Each industry expert has been carefully selected for their practical experience and detailed current knowledge of the biobetter sector.
Durgaprasad Annavajjula serves as the Senior Vice President of Stelis Biopharma in the Bengaluru area of India. He is a biopharma research and development senior leader and scientist, with over 25 years of extensive experience in R&D of biopharmaceuticals
Manfred Kurz is responsible for Global Regulatory Affairs (EU) development at Eisai EMEA, based in the UK. He manages the development and regulatory approval of new anti-cancer medicines
Dr. Matt Cooper is the Business Development & Marketing Director at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR,) Clinical Research Network (CRN), Coordinating Centre in the UK
Phil Morton, Science Director of Bioprocess Characterisation with Albumedix, in the UK, has over 20 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry within process and product development
Dr. T. Shantha Raju currently holds the position of Senior Director at MedImmune, Maryland, as the Head of Global Bioassay and Quality. His most significant contribution is his research conducted to develop leading cancer therapeutics, such as Rituxan, Herceptin, Avastin, Remicade, and Simponi


Who Would Benefit from This Report?

Managers planning biobetter development programmes
HEOR teams building evidence of value for biobetter therapies
MSL teams needing to demonstrate the clinical advantages of biobetters to physicians
Commercial teams negotiating price and formulary position with payers
Regulatory professionals needing to navigate the as yet undefined submission and review pathways
Research managers designing biobetter clinical trials
Corporate managers needing to make strategic investment decisions in the biobetter market

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