Global Vision Care Market Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022

Vision CareVision Care Market Report Insights
Vision care products include eyeglasses, contact lenses, intraocular lenses, and other products, which are used to correct visual impairments or prevent blindness. These products, especially eyeglasses, increasingly share their market with functional fashion accessories such as sunglasses, UV protective, and decorative glasses, resulting in the rise of value-added and co-branded products.

Scope of the Report
The report titled Global Vision Care Market Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022 provides the detailed insights about the global vision care market and its strategic assessment during the period 20172022. The report includes a detailed market analysis for major eye care products sold over the counter (OTC) to consumers.
The report provides the analysis of key segments of the vision care market by product, distribution channels, geography, country, and vendors.

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Vision Care Market Market Size and Dynamics
Analysts at Beige Market Intelligence expect that the global vision care market is likely to witness a high growth in its sales during the forecast period. The main driver for the growth is increased incidence of vision impairments and infections, followed by faster replacement and shorter usage cycles. The demand for OTC products is also driven by the rise in innovative and value-added products that no longer just cater to the just functional use but also are emerging to be ideal blends of function and fashion. The global vision care market is likely to grow at a CAGR more than 3% during the forecast period.

Vision Care Market Trends, Drivers, and Challenges
The share of online stores as a distribution channel of the vision care products witnessed an immense growth during the period 20102016. With the increased penetration of internet, the sale distribution of eyeglasses and contact lenses through online stores is expected to increase impressively during the forecast period. The rise of online stores as a distribution channel of vision care products is one of the emerging trends discussed in the report. The other top trends included in the report are transversal usage trends of vision care and fashion accessories and reduced lifecycle of lenses due to pollution and other factors. The computer vision syndrome and prolonged exposure to digital content, increased incidence of eye-disorders corroborated with aging population, and public and private investments to tackle avoidable blindness are among the major growth drivers that are likely to boost the market.

Vision Care Market Key Vendors and Market Share
The market is highly competitive as many local and international players are competing to gain the share of the market. The report profiles all major companies in the global vision care market and also provides the competitive landscape and market shares of key players. It covers the entire market outlook regarding the value chain operating within the market.
Major Vendors
Following are the major vendors that operate in the global vision care market:
Cooper Vision
Luxottica Group
Johnson & Johnson

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