Global Data Privacy Market Report

bfsi-securityThe Global Data Privacy Grail, 2016” focuses on a wide range of issues as to how technology has over powered its users, and how it has made an everlasting impact on every individual’s life. The object of the report is to address “Privacy” which is a key concern in this digital age. New innovations and technological development made in this stint are all user centric. And safeguarding the rights of users is very necessary.
The report explains the importance of integration among societal, legal and economic aspects of this information age. Along with that it has also explained, that governmental norms and policies play a major role to keep a check on discrepancies like Privacy that occur due to technological upgradation.

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The report has included 9 countries along with European Union. From Asia it includes Israel, South Korea, China and India, from Eurasia it includes Russia. From Latin America it includes Brazil, from North America it has included Canada and United States of America and from Africa it has included South Africa.
The report has included all the major privacy legislations of the above mentioned countries, and it explicates as to how the legal regulations works to address right to privacy. All the important provisions of the concerned laws are stated which comprises of the methods for collection and distribution of personal data, and the provisions related to the establishment of various government officials so as to keep a check on the collection and dissemination of data.

With the help of case studies like Wearable Tech, the report has explained how the technology has such farfetched impact on a human’s life. Along with that it has also specified how Uber has bought a revolution through providing feasibility of commute by integrating technology and basic necessity of an individual. The financial sector has also used technology to its fullest by providing branchless banking and even on the political front in Canada social media played a huge role, which is illuminated in detail in the report.

The scientifically motivated epoch has opened up many new opportunities in every aspect of a human’s life. The advent of internet has given feasibility to people like never before. The traditional methods of communication have now shifted to a completely new horizon and that has been possible only because of the innovation of internet.
The report has elucidated as to how the Internet has not only given feasibility to people but has also helped users to be seamlessly connected with the whole world That is the reason why a user of Internet is often referred to as a global citizen. The far reach of internet has helped a lot of users across the globe to come together and bring a revolution in the digital environment. One of such examples is of Arab Spring, which not only had an impact in middle east but also the whole world.


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