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GlobalDatas “Partnerships, Licensing, Investments and M&A Deals and Trends in Pharmaceuticals – Q2 2015” report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on partnerships, licensing, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and financings in the pharmaceuticals industry. The report provides detailed information on partnership and licensing transactions, M&As, equity/debt offerings, private equity, and venture financing registered in the pharmaceuticals industry in Q2 2015. The report portrays detailed comparative data on the number of deals and their value in the last six months, subdivided by deal types, various therapy areas, and geographies. Additionally, the report provides information on the top financial advisory firms in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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– Analysis of the market trends for the pharmaceutical industry in the global arena.
– Review of deal trends in the cardiovascular, central nervous system, dermatology, ear nose throat disorders, gastrointestinal, genito urinary system and sex hormones, hematological disorders, hormonal disorders, immunology, infectious disease, male health, metabolic disorders, mouth and dental disorders, musculoskeletal, oncology, ophthalmology, respiratory, toxicology, and womens health segments.

Table of Content :

1.1 List of Tables 7
1.2 List of Figures 11
2 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Deal Summary, Q2 2015 15
2.1 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, M&A, Q2 2015 15
2.1.1 Top M&A Deals in Q2 2015 16
2.1.2 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, M&A Deals, by Therapy Area, Q2 2014 – Q2 2015 17
2.2 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Equity Offering Deals, Q2 2015 19
2.2.1 Top Initial Public Offerings in Q2 2015 20
2.2.2 Top Secondary Offerings in Q2 2015 21
2.2.3 Top PIPE Deals in Q2 2015 21
2.2.4 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Top IPOs Share Performance, Q2 2014-Q2 2015 22
2.2.5 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Equity Offering Deals, by Therapy Area, Q2 2014 – Q2 2015 22
2.3 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Venture Capital Deals, Q2 2015 24
2.3.1 Top Venture Financing Deals in Q2 2015 25

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