Aarkstore – World FLNG Market Forecast 2015-2021

Our market forecasting is trusted by sector players worldwide, with clients including the worlds top-10 oil & gas companies, top-10 oilfield services companies and top-10 private equity firms. Our proven process includes:

Unique and proprietary data – updated year-round from published sources and insight gained from industry consultation.

Methodology – the report uses research from DWs proprietary ‘World LNG Projects Database’, an in-house information system exclusive to DW. Our global analyst team is involved in the gathering and analysis of FLNG market data through primary research and professional networks. A project-by-project review of development prospects drives a data-rich market model and forecast; with the timing of expenditure phased to reflect the commercial structures of likely projects.

Market forecasts – comprehensive examination, analysis and 14-year coverage of FLNG expenditure.

Concise report layout – consistent with DWs commitment to delivering value for our clients, all our market forecasts have a concise layout consisting of industry background and supporting materials condensed to enable quick review with ‘speed-read summaries of key points throughout.

An essential report – for engineering houses, contractors, shipping companies, vessel lease operators, shipbuilders, oil & gas operators, gas utilities and financial institutions wanting to better understand where and when to make investment decisions.

Browse full report @ http://www.aarkstore.com/energy-resources/156689/world-flng-market-forecast-2015-2021

Table of Content :

1. Summary and Conclusions
2. Why Floating LNG?
Floating Liquefaction – Market Drivers
Onshore & FLNG Comparison & Definitions
Floating Liquefaction – Onshore Cost Comparison
The History of Floating LNG
Floating Regasification – Market Drivers
3. Floating Liquefaction
Containment Systems
LNG FPSO Process Diagram
Liquefaction Plant Process Flow
Liquefaction Technology

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