266 Pipeline Gene Therapies in Active Development for Oncology


Oncology is the prime area for gene therapy development due to its high prevalence and genetically driven pathophysiology. There are 266 pipeline gene therapies in active development for oncology, more than twice that of central nervous system disorders, which is the second-largest therapy area. Furthermore, oncology also accounted for 64% of gene therapy clinical trials between 1989 and 2012. The reason behind such a large overall pipeline is the potential for these therapies to develop strong drugs by targeting diseases on a genetic level. Although no products have yet fulfilled this promise, developers expect this in the future.

CBR Pharma Insight’s Gene Therapy: A Diverse Range of Technologies with a Promising Long-Term Outlook report provides analysis of the product pipeline, including details on the relative clinical and commercial success of currently marketed products as well as the current competitive landscape, with a breakdown of companies actively involved in this space.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • Why do gene therapies still occupy only a minimal market share in their respective indications?
  • What can be learned from the therapies that have already hit the market?
  • What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of each vector type and which hold the most promise?
  • What proportion of the overall gene therapy R&D pipeline is occupied by each vector type?
  • In which therapy areas have the highest level of R&D activity for gene therapies?
  • At which stage of development do the majority of pipeline gene therapies reside?
  • What is the proportion of the pipeline occupied by each intervention and vector type overall?
  • What is the level of involvement in gene therapy research from the top 20 Big Pharma companies?

How do gene therapies fit into the overall portfolios of the Big Pharma Companies, find out more.


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