Contract Research Organization Deals Hit Almost $10 Billion

Contract Research Organization Market – Global Deals and Operational Strategies The total number of deals in the global Contract Research Organization (CRO) market reached 700 between January 2010 and April 2015, achieving an overall value of $33 billion. 2015 has already contributed the most to the overall deals value during this period, with $9.86 billionContinue reading “Contract Research Organization Deals Hit Almost $10 Billion”

Global Cloud Gaming Market: Trends & Forecast 2015–2020

“The Global Cloud Gaming Market revenue is estimated to reach $476.0 million by the end of 2015,” according to Infoholic Research. Currently, the market is in a growing stage where it is witnessing many strategic mergers and acquisitions. Many big companies are now working on technologically advanced cloud gaming projects that will be launched inContinue reading “Global Cloud Gaming Market: Trends & Forecast 2015–2020”

India to Lead Asia-Pacific Non-Vascular Stents Market Growth by 2021

The non-vascular stents market in APAC, consisting of urinary tract, pancreatic and biliary, enteral, and airway stents, will expand in value from $148.1 million in 2013 to $223.8 million by 2021. India is set to overtake China in becoming the world’s most populous country around 2020, leading to a significant patient base and rapidly-expanding medicalContinue reading “India to Lead Asia-Pacific Non-Vascular Stents Market Growth by 2021”

Global Ammonia Capacity to Reach 250 Million Tons per Year by 2018

Global Ammonia production capacity is set to increase to 249.4 mmty by 2018, driven primarily by capacity additions in China, Iran, Nigeria and the US. Asia-Pacific will remain the largest region in terms of capacity and demand. China’s significant influence on APAC’s Ammonia supply is apparent from the country’s capacity of 70.6 mmty in 2013,Continue reading “Global Ammonia Capacity to Reach 250 Million Tons per Year by 2018”

Growth Pockets Fuel Midstream Merger and Acquisitions

Midstream oil and gas deals activity, capital markets and mergers and acquisitions increased globally from 129 transactions in Q4 2014 to 139 in Q1 2015. The midstream sector’s top deal in Q1 2015 was the “Energy Transfer Partners” agreement to merge with “Regency Energy Partners” to form one of the industry’s largest master partnerships. TheContinue reading “Growth Pockets Fuel Midstream Merger and Acquisitions”

China’s Wind Power Capacity will treble by 2025

China’s installed wind capacity will treble from 115.6 GW in 2014 to an estimated 347.2 GW by 2025; global growth will begin to level off with annual installations peaking at 56.8 GW in 2022. There will be sustainable future growth in India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan, as APAC wind installationsContinue reading “China’s Wind Power Capacity will treble by 2025”