Contract Research Organization Deals Hit Almost $10 Billion

Contract Research Organization Market – Global Deals and Operational Strategies

The total number of deals in the global Contract Research Organization (CRO) market reached 700 between January 2010 and April 2015, achieving an overall value of $33 billion. 2015 has already contributed the most to the overall deals value during this period, with $9.86 billion achieved between January and April this year alone, representing an almost fourfold increase from the $2.5 billion reached in 2014. This impressive growth was significantly bolstered by Laboratory Corporation of America’s (LabCorp) record $6.1 billion acquisition of Covance in February 2015, enabling LabCorp to strengthen its laboratory and CRO service offerings. In its bid to acquire Covance, the company also issued debt offerings of $2.9 billion.

Contract Research Organization Market: Global Deals and Operational Strategies report discusses the deal making activity during the past five years and in-depth analysis of the key deals involving more than forty public and privately held CROs.

The scope of the report includes:

• Overview of key reasons behind outsourcing, outsourcing service models

• Examples of operational strategies

• Global deals analysis by type and value

• Major acquisitions and partnerships

• Regional analysis of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and emerging markets

• SWOT analysis and profiles of key players

Get a company benchmark heatmap analyses for over thirty key players listing their operational strategies.

Publisher : CBR Pharma Insights | Report Available with


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