US to Remain World’s Leading Diagnostic X-Ray Systems Market to 2020

MediPoint: Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Report

The US is the world’s largest market for diagnostic X-ray systems, accounting for over 29% of global revenues in 2013. Despite the emergence of China, it will continue to hold the leading share of 25%+ by 2020. As reimbursement for X-ray examinations currently incurs lower physician fees than computerised tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans in the US, there is less financial incentive for physicians to perform X-ray exams. On the other hand, the implementation of various healthcare reforms means that cuts in reimbursement for advanced imaging modalities could potentially have a positive impact on the use of X-ray procedures, and therefore on the sale of systems.

MediPoint: Diagnostic X-ray Imaging – Global Analysis and Market Forecasts report discusses the future of diagnostic X-ray imaging in the face of rapid technological advancements and other progressive imaging modalities.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • What role will diagnostic X-ray imaging play in the forecast period to tackle this global issue?
  • How will changing demographics and lifestyles affect the utilization of diagnostic X-ray imaging?
  • What are the significant unmet needs?
  • What is the scope for more innovation and what are the end-users looking for in their products?
  • Which countries expect to see the most growth and what do the hurdles opportunities lay?
  • What percent of global profits are from emerging markets and how will this change in the future?

Gain unique insight into how healthcare professionals are reacting to developments within the industry.

Report available with  | Publisher : GlobalData

Published by Anjali Kalan

Director of, Aarkstore is amongst the best market research platform on the internet with online database of spanning several industry categories like healthcare, defense, FMCG etc. It aims at enhancing business opportunities by providing intensive market research reports tapping every possible segment based on geography, consumers, consumer behavior, current industry trends and a lot more. It has a widespread data on profiles and reports through crisp online industry analysis. Aarkstore also furnishes customized reports, SWOT analysis on companies and markets, providing a cutting edge view to the intricacies of business possibilities.

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