Global Biosimilars Market Value Could Hit $55 Billion by 2020

Biosimilars – Regulatory Framework and Pipeline Analysis

The value of the global biosimilars market is expected to reach $20 billion by the end of 2015 and could hit $55 billion by 2020, with growth primarily driven by a promising pipeline in active developments and government efforts to reduce healthcare spending. Biologics currently account for between 17–20% of the pharmaceutical arena, with a value of nearly $200 billion, and these products may replace 70% of chemical drugs in the next two decades. The 30% to 50% reduction in biosimilar prices compared with branded biologics could lead to considerable savings in healthcare expenditure.

Biosimilars – Regulatory Framework and Pipeline Analysis report provides a regulatory overview and market outlook for biosimilars, both globally and across the major markets of Europe, the US, India, South Korea, Japan, and China.

The report will allow you to:

  • Understand the regulatory requirements and framework that facilitates effective product development strategy
  • Analyse the details of the clinical pipeline that includes late stage products, Phase II, and Phase I products
  • Examine the biosimilars pipeline, evaluate the products that are highly targeted, analyse the focused indications, therapy areas and the mechanism of actions
  • Understand the pipeline that will help in targeting products for development, rate current products and predict the competition

Find out how Biosimilars are providing a base for reducing the healthcare expenditure in developed markets.


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