Global Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Coating Market – Analysis and Forecast to 2019

“Global Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Coating Market by Application (Food Processing, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Chemical Processing, and Others), and by Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World) – Analysis and Forecast to 2019”

FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is a compound of hexa fluoropropylene and tetra fluoro ethylene. It is a non-stick coating which provides smooth non-porous films. FEP is chemically inactive and has very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. FEP possesses high degree of stress crack resistance and very low coefficient of friction. FEP along with long term weather ability and excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weather has high transparency (with good transmittance of Ultraviolet and visible wavelengths.) which offers the lowest refractive index of all thermoplastics with low light reflection (the same as water.)

Global FEP market is driven by the increasing demand from wire and cable industry, multiple applications of FEP coating, and excellent resistance to corrosive and chemical environments along with improved resistance to scratch compared to Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating. Also, the excessive use of FEP coating in its application such as food processing, chemical processing, cable and wire, and many more are the major reasons to drive the market from 2014 to 2019.

In June 2014, DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions (DuPont, U.S.) extended its plant and improved its growth to increase up to 1,000 tons at its site near Parkersburg, West Virginia site. This growth will help increase production of high-performance FEP resins, meeting the growing demand. A number of FEP resins would be produced, including FEP 9494 and FEP 9835. These FEP offerings are supplied to its end-user such as IT Datacom category cables and data center cables.

On March 13 2012, Halo Polymer holding announced its expansion plan for fuse (electrical) fluoropolymers production plant. As the electronic and electric power industry consumes more than 25% of all polymers produced in the world, the company has thus announced the plant expansion in near future. This expansion will help the company increase its market share and meet the global demand from cable industry.

In-depth profiling of the key players have been conducted, along with the recent developments (including new product launches, partnerships, agreements, collaborations, and joint ventures) and strategies adopted by them to sustain and strengthen their position in the fluorinated ethylene propylene market.

The major participants operating in the Global Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Coating market are Dongyue Group Limited (China), HaloPolymer OJSC (Russia), DuPont (U.S.), AGC Group (Japan), Metal Coatings Corporation (U.S.), 3M (U.S.), Whitford Corporation (U.S.), BASF SE (Germany), and Daikin Industries Limited (Japan), and others.


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