US and China Driving Global Ethylene Capacity to Record 208 Million Tonnes per Year by 2017

The US and China are driving ethylene capacity expansion projects, with the former benefiting from prolific shale gas and the latter from world-leading demand growth. The impact of tremendous growth in shale gas is only now being felt, as North American ethylene capacity remained flat over the last few years. Meanwhile, China continues to lead growth, solidifying Asia-Pacific as the single largest production region and helping to push global capacity over the 200 mmty milestone by 2017. The less expensive ethane derived from wet shale gas makes ethylene production highly attractive and is behind large-scale US capacity additions. Many companies, such as Dow Chemical, Chevron Phillips, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, are betting on increased competitiveness in the US and are constructing ethane crackers to produce cost-advantaged ethylene.

Global Ethylene Outlook report provides market size, demand and production volume, including annualised forecast data for ethylene capacity by region from 2013 to 2020.

The report provides information and insight on:

  • Ethylene planned plant details
  • Global ethylene capacity by feedstock
  • Capacity share of the major producers in the world
  • Global demand by end-use sectors
  • Ethylene price forecast by region

Are you aware of the key trends and challenges in the global ethylene industry? has the more information of global ethylene industry.

Anjali Kalan


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