My journey from pregnancy to motherhood

Let me start narrating my journey from the very beginning when I just came to know that very soon I was going to be a mommy. I was super excited and, at the same time super nervous. Lots of things started creeping in my belly apart from the biological ones of course. I was thrilled and I was overjoyed at my first experience of “Mommyhood” but at the same time I was pretty scared thinking about the whole pregnancy thing. Although I very well knew that I was very well prepared for welcoming a new life in my family but I was not so sure about how I was going to overcome this journey of finally becoming a mother and hold my little baby in my hands. One thing which irritated me the most was that all my known elders (and even seniors in the stage of motherhood) were always ready with a thousand odd uninvited suggestions at hand. Don’t do this….don’t do that…..don’t….don’t…..don’t!!!! Apart from this, people staring at you, the daily morning sickness, the constant fear of your baby’s well being, improper sleep and things that bring discomfort in your daily schedule.

Mom n baby

Mom n baby

But my journey would remain incomplete if I don’t share the unimaginable feeling of becoming a mother of the most beautiful baby girl in the world. That feeling truly can’t be expressed in words. It was just amazing. That beautiful moment made me realize that all the pain and discomfort one goes through during pregnancy is worth it. All the things I hated about pregnancy like the mood swings, the fear, the nervousness, my fat belly, the stretch marks, morning sickness, the terribly fitting clothes, and many such things just vanish away and have no importance the moment you hold your baby in your hands. That time I felt that every second of my journey of motherhood was worth the end. My own experience will make me say that it’s the best feeling in the world. So, trust me all you ladies just don’t fear of being pregnant because you just can’t imagine the happiness you are going to experience the moment you touch and hold your baby. Just take care of yourself and your health and enjoy your motherhood. Great feelings when being a mother first time. My hubby also having best experience whiles my pregnancy stage.

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