Database of Furniture Stores in Canada

Canada’s furniture store industry growth went through a declining phase due to the reduced buying power of consumers. This trend is likely to end with the recent real estate industry development and good prospects in the Canadian job market.

In the backdrop of this changing Canadian market scenario – Aarkstore is pleased to include the ‘Furniture Stores in Canada Industry’ market research report in its developing report archive.


Post Canadian economic crisis, the furniture store industry growth fell, the jobs in the job market reduced by 8.3% in the year 2009 and the spending power of the consumer reduced considerably. The economic crisis lead to fall in furniture buying and the high paid families postponed their housing purchase plans.

With the 0.2% fall in the furniture store industry earnings in the year 2013, Aarkstore predicts a further fall in the furniture store industry earnings, at an annual rate of 1.7%,during the period 2013-2018.  This scenario is getting complex for the market participants due to the demarcation of furniture costs on the lower side by big box and e-commerce retailers. This move further reduced the furniture stores industry earnings.

The blow to the global economy still persists and Canada is unable to make any development even with the constant improvement in the American economy. The reducedPer capita spending, the gloomy customer sentiment and the expected downside in the real estate market in 2013, does not allow the furniture stores industry to recoup.

Due to the falling cost of real estate, apartment buying activity will remain restricted. This unpredictability in the market is deterring the customer spending on furniture products.

With economies across the globe still struggling, Canada has failed to make significant progress despite a steady recovery in the United States. Per capita disposable income levels and consumer confidence remain low, and the housing market is expected to slide over 2013, further hindering a recovery in the

Due to the constant fall in earnings over the past five years, the furniture stores took up substantial promotions and discounts related spending and this move has reduced the profit earning drastically.

A plethora of market participants responded by resizing their team size and salaries; although, this response did not suffice, and synergy between companies could not be prevented. Since 2008, the count of established firms reduced and the rise in the number of synergies persisted. As per recent data, most firms are small with a team of 1-4 employees. We cannot expect the synergies to exist for another five years, but the new bee firms will not be able to sustain in the competitive market. Due to the low pricing of products the furniture store industry earnings growth will persist to fall further for a period of 5 years.


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