Telephony Application Programmer Interface (API): Ecosystem, Value-chain, Business Models and Market Opportunities

The use of telephony API’s (telecom API) enables data dissemination to third parties over a defined interface, protocols, and procedures.  Telecom networks inherently contain a lot of data for and about users, devices, usage, behaviors, status, and configuration.

Much of the data is unstructured or so called Big Data.  Rather than dealing with a literal sea of data, API’s allow the consuming entity (business, application, etc.) to obtain only the most relevant data and hence realize it as meaningful information.  Telephony APIs capitalize on existing network infrastructure and capabilities to create a vast array of business opportunities for carriers worldwide.

This research evaluates the current market, challenges, opportunities, and future prospects for telephony API based applications and services.  The report analyzes the ecosystem, value-chain and players.  The report includes a SWOT analysis of major telephony API companies.  It also includes an assessment of recent M&A activity along with identification of potential acquisition targets.

This report includes:

  • Telephony API business model analysis
  • Vision for the future of telephony API marketplace
  • Analysis of the role and importance of API aggregators
  • Evaluation of the telephony API marketplace, drivers, and future prospects
  • Analysis of industry M&A including potential acquiring companies and acquisition targets
  • SWOT analysis of major telephony API players including: 2600 Hz, Callfire, Plivo, Tropo, Twilio, Urban Airship, and Voxeo

 Key Findings:

 Core telephony API types are Presence, Location, SDM, and SCM

  • It will become increasingly difficult to remain a pure-play API company
  • The API management/aggregation function s becoming critically import to the industry
  • The telephony API marketplace is undergoing consolidation and will continue through 2016
  • The best API companies are those that differentiate and/or provide a key role in the ecosystem
  • Users of telephony API data are enterprise and technology companies as well as the network operators

Target Audience:

  • API Aggregators
  • Investment Firms
  • Application Developers
  • Mobile Device Vendors
  • Mobile Network Carriers
  • Service Bureau Companies
  • Wireless Infrastructure Vendors
  • Telecom Managed Service Providers


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