Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook

Deregulation and More Efficient New Drug Approval Process Attract Foreign Investment and Improve the Competitiveness of Japanese Players
Japan’s pharmaceutical industry is the second largest in the world, worth over $89 billion or approximately 10% of the world market. Growth of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has recently been hampered by biennial drug price reductions, which are expected to continue as the government attempts to cut healthcare expenditure. In addition, the gradual increase in market share and competition from generics has depressed market value and will continue to do so as government policy promotes their use.   
However, easing of regulatory guidelines, an aging population and a strong product pipeline will provide a strong impetus for growth in the pharmaceutical industry. Although the increasing market share of generics may dampen market value, this represents a great deal of opportunity for generic manufacturers. Historically, the Japanese pharmaceutical market has favored domestic companies. However, increasing deregulation is promoting investment from abroad and hasincreased the presence of foreign firms in the Japanese market.

GBI Research’s report “Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook – Deregulation and More Efficient New Drug Approval Process Attract Foreign Investment and Improve the Competitiveness of Japanese Players” assesses the characteristics of the Japanese
Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook
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• Gain a strong understanding of the economic and healthcare challenges facing Japan

• Identify growth opportunities within Japan’s pharmaceutical market

• Identify the reasons Japan has become an attractive market for big pharma

• Gain a comprehensive overview of the leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies, and the specific therapeutic indications they are currently targeting
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