Self Organizing Network (SON) Infrastructure Provider Market and Forecast 2013 – 2017

Overview: New and emerging classes of mobile devices (smartphones, pc data cards, USB modems, consumer devices with embedded wireless, machine-to-machine, etc.) are fostering explosive growth of wireless data usage by public and enterprise users. As a result, wireless service providers have to simultaneously support a growing number of higher-bandwidth data applications and services on theirContinue reading “Self Organizing Network (SON) Infrastructure Provider Market and Forecast 2013 – 2017”

Database of Furniture Stores in Canada

Canada’s furniture store industry growth went through a declining phase due to the reduced buying power of consumers. This trend is likely to end with the recent real estate industry development and good prospects in the Canadian job market. In the backdrop of this changing Canadian market scenario – Aarkstore is pleased to include theContinue reading “Database of Furniture Stores in Canada”

Market Research – An effective tool to boost online sales!

Using market research as a tool to improve the online presence of your website involves some key factors. Before noting these factors, we should remember that market research and the website design activity goes hand-in-hand. We should focus on both market research and website design as a single activity rather than two different activities. LetContinue reading “Market Research – An effective tool to boost online sales!”

Ultrasound Systems Market to 2019

The US Continues to be Largest Market for Ultrasound Systems The US was the largest market for ultrasound systems in 2012, when it was valued at $1.5 billion. The US market, which accounted for 33% of global revenue in 2011, is highly penetrated and is primarily a replacement market for ultrasound systems. An increasing numberContinue reading “Ultrasound Systems Market to 2019”

Telephony Application Programmer Interface (API): Ecosystem, Value-chain, Business Models and Market Opportunities

The use of telephony API’s (telecom API) enables data dissemination to third parties over a defined interface, protocols, and procedures.  Telecom networks inherently contain a lot of data for and about users, devices, usage, behaviors, status, and configuration. Much of the data is unstructured or so called Big Data.  Rather than dealing with a literalContinue reading “Telephony Application Programmer Interface (API): Ecosystem, Value-chain, Business Models and Market Opportunities”

Market Opportunity: Rich Communications Suite (RCS)

Rich Communication Services (RCS) originally marketed by GSMA marks the transition of messaging and voice capabilities from Circuit Switched technology to an all-IP world.  RCS and  Voice over LTE (VoLTE) share the same IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) investment and leverage the same IMS capabilities.  For consumers, RCS has the potential to combine voice and SMSContinue reading “Market Opportunity: Rich Communications Suite (RCS)”

Lubricants Industry to 2017

Developing Markets Expected to Lead Future Demand Growth  The Asia-Pacific region is the largest and fastest growing regional lubricants market worldwide. The region accounted for a share of almost 42% of the global lubricants market in 2012. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to register the highest growth of any region worldwide, to reach 17 millionContinue reading “Lubricants Industry to 2017”

Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook

  Deregulation and More Efficient New Drug Approval Process Attract Foreign Investment and Improve the Competitiveness of Japanese Players  Japan’s pharmaceutical industry is the second largest in the world, worth over $89 billion or approximately 10% of the world market. Growth of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has recently been hampered by biennial drug price reductions, whichContinue reading “Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook”