Vaccine Adjuvants in Infectious Disease

Pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline have staked out a large share of the adjuvant market with their proprietary emulsion-based compounds and adjuvant systems, respectively. Currently, large-scale vaccine manufacturers appear to be content with existing options, such as the traditional first-generation alum adjuvants, but GlobalData’s primary research indicates that the public opinion of adjuvant use might be improving.

More vaccine manufacturers have taken to adopting more sophisticated methods of introducing adjuvanting properties into their vaccine formulations through complex combinatorial formulations, which achieve immunoenhancing activity in addition to antigen delivery. Most of these innovations, driven by newer regulatory incentives, are currently in the early phases of research and development amongst growing biotech companies, which are not only positioned as key acquisition or in-licensing opportunities, but also underscore the stagnant state of adjuvant discovery within bigger pharmaceutical companies.

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