An art of saying ‘No’

We are leaving in a busy world holding loads of responsibilities and tasks that leaves us exhaustive by end of the day and hardly finds a way out to enjoy or have fun-filled life. I sometimes wonder, ‘how to get out of the problems and issues that invades our life, specifically in the business world which is the most time consuming lots of efforts and brain work.  Most often, we are more tempted to help out others, but later on realize that we had other important work that was the priority. When it comes to business we seem to say yes to the new opportunities or solutions. It seems to be simpler in the beginning, but on the contrary it takes more time and efforts, while giving least importance to the most important work.

Many entrepreneurs believe that taking more and more opportunities will help to accomplish in the battle. But, what they don’t realize is that accepting more and more opportunities will only exhaust our time and money whereby the main focus relating to the significant work is lost. Plus, we also have the tendency to lose energy with overload work which is negative sign for business as well as health. Maintaining smaller list that is of significant valuable to the business and focusing to accomplish it on time indeed helps greatly.

What I have seen with many leading and successful business is that they prudently condense while prioritizing the obligations and keeps accomplishing. This is one of the significant reasons that differs them from other unsuccessful businesses. It is also mentioned in one of the book named Slack that a lighter task in the pocket alongside the dead time will bring about enormous production. The reason behind this is that the vital and lighter task allows you to make room for yourself and enables you to rethink on the basic presumption concerning the task. Considering massive new opportunities should be encouraged only in events during the break from the current schedule.

It is an art to say “No” rather than choosing the unsuitable task by saying “Yes” with the intention of not hurting others feelings, but ultimately will afflict you when it is too late to realize. On the other hand, waiting for the right opportunities needs a lot of perseveranceand patience. For instance, many leading companies are on a lookout of most vivid and best candidate and thus wait for the important position to be filled for a month or even more unless they find the best candidate rather than employing a good one. Consequently, we can perceive that how the tendency of saying “No” works here superbly.  If we start learning to encourage this in our daily life we can really have a time to enjoy our life and live happily. Happiness will ultimately make us to enjoy our work and thus maintain a balance in personal, as well as work life.

Saying “No” is an art as it requires skills of when to use this word tactfully. It can help in selecting best partner, target customers, and in establishing reliable network. Moreover professionals can wait for the opportunities that best suits them rather than saying yes to what comes in the way. In case of small businesses or just start-up entrepreneurs, tempting to say yes will only leave them with negative outcome. Choosing the best source instead of selecting quantity will help them with the valuable choice.  Choosing a bad partner, bad customer, or bad worker and so on…will pull you from all the opportunities leading towards bad consequences.

Article By Anjali Kalan


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