Outlook of Oman Oil and Gas Industry until 2020- Demand,Supply, Investment, Companies,and Infrastructure

OG Analysis has brought about the report on the outlook of Oman Oil and Gas Industry until 2020 with an in-depth overview in the sector of Oman Oil and Gas that covers the Industry’s all-inclusive value chain.The analyzing and forecast part in each and every segment with regards to oil and gas segments in Oman comprises pipeline,upstream sector, refinery, storage sectors, and LNG.Moreover, the detailed analysis of the investment opportunities is described in the report covering each and every area, emphasizing mainly on the feasibility of the project and the potential growth. Furthermore, it ascertains the key challenges, restraints, as well as driving part with respect to country’s oil and gas industry along with these metric influences on the industry.

 The prediction of the research linked to outlook of Oman production and consumption of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, and coal is specified up to 2020.The significant info with regards to owners, operators, location, production, and capacity is revealed within the expertize research.  Each segment gives out the asset wise and company wise forecasts alongside the competitive structure. The comprehensive and in-depth research explains the profiles of three foremost oil and gas companies with the updates of events and major deals into this industry.

It also includes the oil and gas Planned projects in upstream, down stream and midstream sectors;  forecast of Supply- Demand of crude oil, petroleum products,natural gas, and coal to 2020; field details of Oil and gas relating to production from 2000 to 2010, operator, location,ownership; LNG – 2000 to 2020capacity outlook, exports, trade imports, utilization rates from 2000 to 2011, planned and operation alterminals; Refineries- secondary andprimarycapacity outlook from 2000 to 2016, under operation refineries  and implementation refinery expansions; Pipeline- petroleum product crude oil, andnatural gas pipelines under operation and implementation; storage capacity ofoil and gas outlook from 2000 to 2016,details of tank farm under operation and implementation;information on production and competitive structure of the company for all oil and gas segments is delivered; Oman oil and gas industry’s latest events from 2011 to 2012 and their impact on the industry are analyzed in brief; Profiles of three major companies linked to Oman’s  oil and gas along with their business outline, financial analysis and SWOT analysis are specified in detail.

The insight will reveal the multi-client based study that is used by oil and gas companies, constructors,traders,service providers and equipment, financial institutions, and investment. It will ensure your company with formulating effective growth and expansion strategies through complete information on oil and gas segments including fields, LNG, pipelines, refineries, and storage terminals; Recognize new opportunities with investment through specified info on planned projects; risks of mitigate operating through supply- demand outlook and capacity estimates; Obtain thorough knowledge on assets with each of the oil and gas within country; update you with all the latest events within the  country relating to oil and gas industry; and achieve a better understanding of market size, trends and challenges for each oil and gas sector; Overcome your competitor in a way of identifying new opportunities in this market.


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