Mobile Bar Code Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities, Global Outlook 2012-2017

Mobile Barcodes are now appearing in various media including magazines, catalogs, website, outdoor signage and billboards, packaged goods, conference presentations, name tags, clothing, and more. With the increasing adoption of smartphones, and rapid advancements in their capabilities, Mobile Barcodes are becoming a powerful advertising vehicle. Unfortunately, far too few marketers recognize its true potential.

Although the technology does represent an efficient way to access websites, there is significantly more value attainable with effective implementation. This report provides analysis and insights into business challenges, strategies, customer response, use-case analysis, competitive analysis, and market outlook.

Mind Commerce anticipates mobile bar code redemption value to exceed $50B globally by 2017. We see this as a continuation of relatively moderate growth as Mobile Bar Codes enter a steep growth phase beginning in 2017.

Companies in Report:

Solution providers: 3G vision, Bar code System, Bar code Data Ltd,, Barcodesite, Datalinx, ExPD, MJM, Penmobile, Sciamed, TSC Barcode solutions, qdata, Gamma solutions Pty ltd, Scanlife, Buongiorno Digital, Neomedia, Microsoft, Spyderlynk.

Other companies: Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, RIM, HTC, Sony, Vodafone D2, Siemens, CTS Eventim, Coca cola, Georgia Coffee, Bloomingdale’s, Calvin Klein, Nine west, La Quinta Inn, Nexence, lf Digest, Best Buy, Marks & Spencer, Betfair, EBay, Volkswagen, Betfair, NRMA, EMS, Toyota, Nissan, Toys “R”, Hyundai, InterActive Nutritions, Papa Jones, Starback, PayPal, B & Q, The Sunday Times, Latterie Friulane, Pepsi, Volvo, BBC, La Gazzetta dello sport, Google, Ponti,Australian Postal service,, Amnesty International, USPS, Emart, Walmart, Mobile Europe.

Target Audience:

Brands and merchants
Mobile network operators
Bar code solution providers
Mobile commerce providers
Media companies and portals
Marketing companies and advertisers

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Published by Anjali Kalan

Director of, Aarkstore is amongst the best market research platform on the internet with online database of spanning several industry categories like healthcare, defense, FMCG etc. It aims at enhancing business opportunities by providing intensive market research reports tapping every possible segment based on geography, consumers, consumer behavior, current industry trends and a lot more. It has a widespread data on profiles and reports through crisp online industry analysis. Aarkstore also furnishes customized reports, SWOT analysis on companies and markets, providing a cutting edge view to the intricacies of business possibilities.

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